MCSO Mounted Unit

The MCSO Mounted Unit supplements patrol and detention functions with high-profile patrol in areas not easily accessed by vehicles or in high pedestrian locations or events. The unit also provides crowd control and patrol operations in support of community events, public relations activities, crime suppression / community policing operations, parade appearances, and will assist in searches for missing people and field force operations.

MCSO Mounted Unit's Whisper and Clint treading water

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit (MCSOMU) currently has 8 horses. The horses are used for police work and community outreach programs. The horses are used for protest and civil unrest and have a force multiplier of one horse being equal to 10+ ground deputies. The MCSOMU has worked with other agencies Mounted Units to respond to large events. The horses are used for Patrol and Search and Rescue and are a great tool to deal with crowds and lost hikers in the Tonto National Forest. Our horses are also a great tool for community policing. The horse creates an opportunity for the deputy to interact with the public in a unique and positive way. The horse provides an avenue that breaks down community tensions and provides a topic of common ground and interest, thus opening lines of communication between law enforcement and the community.

Meet the Horses:

Bones' headshot


18-year-old Warmblood, former stadium jumping horse, donated to MCSO, in use for 8 years.


18-year-old, Quarter horse, in use for 10 years, high energy and very athletic.

Breeze's headshot


17-year-old Quarter horse, Dash for Cash bloodline, very calm and dependable, donated 5 years ago. Featured on the stock of the MCSO Commemorative Henry Rifle.

Apollo's headshot


9-year-old Clydesdale, large 18+ hands, strong big horse that loves to run.

Duncan's headshot


8-year-old Clydesdale, large horse, has a mustache and the horse the Sheriff rides in parades.

Cesar's headshot


12-year-old Quarter horse, smallest horse in herd, very good on trails and rough terrain.

Whisper's headshot


6-year-old Appaloosa, beautiful colors, extremely brave, loves the river.

Denali's headshot


5-year-old Quarter horse, newest horse to the unit, young and willing to serve.


Where does my donation go?

Donations to the Mounted Unit are held with the MCSOSAC with a restriction to be used for the Mounted Unit. These funds are allocated to vendors of the Mounted Unit with approval from the MCSOSAC Mounted Unit Liaison upon authority from the MCSOSAC Board of Directors.

What type of equipment is purchased?

In addition to standard training equipment, we are looking to provide saddles, horse tac, barn equipment, advanced training, upgrades to the obstacle course and gear to make our unit more impactful in the community.

Doesn’t the County cover all these costs?

The Sheriff’s Office does an excellent job of providing for the needs of the unit, but due to budget constraints and other factors, it’s difficult to meet every need.

Can I sponsor a particular horse?

We are working on plans to sponsor a horse for the office. The cost of a horse, training and placement can be upwards of $20,000 per horse. We are hopeful we can increase our impact to increase the number of horses serving the MCSO.

How else can I get involved?

In addition to financial contributions, we are always looking for community members interested in spreading our mission and supporting our cause.  If you are interested in learning more, email [email protected].